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Welcome to Israel

A VIP experience for social media influencers

What's Included

VIP Experience

We offer VIP access and experiences! You'll get the exclusive vacation that no one else can offer. Experience unique fine dining by some of the world's most famous chefs, limited access to archeological and historical sites, and more!


Local Expert Guides

Our world-class team will lead you throughout the country, from the beaches of Tel Aviv, to the religious sites in Jerusalem, to the Dead Sea. You'll get the VIP experience throughout all your travels, and also make lifelong friendships 

Customized Itinerary

Travel itineraries are created unique to YOU! We customize your trip to your wants, interests, and hobbies, while offering the highest-end experience. You'll be able to experience all that Israel has to offer just for you

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Why We Do It

2022 is the highest year on record for cases of online antisemitism, harassment, vandalism, and assault against Jews. We are changing history before it repeats itself.

We're transforming the social media conversation with personal experience in Israeli culture, history, and society. Take part in an all-inclusive trip that provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to promote peace, coexistence, and religious toleration to billions of people all over the world. Let's democratize the fight against online antisemitism to affect real change.

    We’re bringing influencers on a high-end vacation, to promote peace, fight antisemitism, and have a meaningful trip, all at the same time!


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Meet the Team

Check out your travel buddies


Get to Know Yalla Israel

Yalla is one of the most commonly used words in Hebrew and Arabic. It is a slang term that means let's go, come on, or let's do it. We believe not only in encouraging travel, adventure, and experience, but also in coexistence and peace. Yalla is a term that aligns with our mission and is the epitome of cooperation between cultures. 


"I want to thank the whole team for their efforts, attention, and love. It was worth every effort and I am in love with Israel and all of its people."

Cecia Loaiza

"Israel and the people here are deep beyond words. The history that exists here is unlike anything on our planet. I hope everyone religious or not can visit here one day.”

London Lazerson

“Everything about the trip was beyond measure. The hotels, restaurants, transportation, activities, people, were all incredible. It really was such a high-end and memorable experience”

Eliad Cohen

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Dead Sea
Dead Sea

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See you in Israel! 

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